World Retail Banking Report 2018

As FinTech firms target key aspects of the banking value chain creating disintermediation, banks are seeking to play a central role in today’s evolving digital ecosystems to remain relevant while delivering superior customer experience. This year’s report explores customer experience globally, the disruption and impact of FinTechs, and how banking customers’ perceive them.

As banking customers begin to adopt FinTech products and services, FinTech providers are capturing greater mindshare in the industry. Meanwhile, banks are lagging behind in terms of their perceived value proposition, agility, and ability to innovate. Based on one of the industry’s largest survey responses from over 16,000 customers across 32 countries and more than 140 in-depth executive interviews, the report examines the necessity of developing a digital ecosystem and the essentials required for banks to establish symbiotic relationship with different stakeholders in the industry.

World Retail Banking Report 2018

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